Callcredit Cosmos Interactive - Effective Customer Communication Management

Effective customer communication management achieved by integrating all customer communications into a single view

Callcredit Cosmos Interactive has been designed to incorporate all communication channels into a single view of customer contact and activity. By integrating with external data, legacy systems and CRM systems, contact centre agents have all the knowledge they need to deliver a best-in-class customer service experience across all channels consistently.

When a customer contacts you, you need to know the context of their query, their desired outcome and have the capability to provide them with the correct information in the shortest possible time. One way to ensure a smooth process when communicating with customers is to embed the Callcredit Cosmos Interactive at the heart of your customer engagement strategy.

By using Callcredit Cosmos Interactive you will be following customer communications best practises which will allow you to;

  • Reduce business operating costs
  • Transform customer service
  • Enhance employee experience
  • Streamline Infrastructure and process
  • Enable demonstrable compliance

Our solution can be delivered as a stand-alone transformational component of the Callcredit Cosmos Platform or in combination with the other modules to create one powerful and sophisticated customer experience and decisioning tool.

Our highly skilled delivery team will work with your organisation to align its people and process to help make your vision for exceptional customer service a reality.

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