Customer Experience, Data & Decisioning

Streamline your customer journeys and improve Customer Experience

Callcredit Cosmos simplifies today’s omni-channel customer journey. It integrates all of your touch points into one, easy-to-use system empowering you to make the best commercial real-time decisions when engaging with your customers.

Callcredit Cosmos will allow you to:

  • Increase customer acquisition through an engaging and friction-less customer experience
  • Reduce fraud and credit risk through automated collection of accurate and verified data
  • Improve consistency of agency action through a single underwriting desktop application
  • Make efficiency savings through an integrated customer engagement process from a single view

We’ve engineered Callcredit Cosmos to integrate with legacy systems to help you deliver the customer service levels you aspire to and customers expect. Callcredit Cosmos uses one master API and is made up of several modular components, so you will have the choice of selecting the system(s) that will add the most value to your organisation:

Callcredit Cosmos Interactive handles all of your communications channels creating a single view of a customer’s activity leveraging case management to fulfil your customer's service requests. 

Callcredit Cosmos Decisioning allows you to streamline your business processes through automated rules resolution integrated seamlessly into your customer journey.

Callcredit Cosmos Data Hub compiles all of your data sources into one single place for easy data analysis. 

Our experienced client and development teams will work with you to reduce the time to value through faster implementation and integration, reusing existing legacy systems where possible.

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