Avoiding data breaches: From the inside and out

08 May 2017

John Cannon, Commercial Director – Fraud & ID, Callcredit Information Group

In recent years, businesses that have suffered data breaches are becoming the rule rather than the exception. In 2016 alone, 65% of large firms detected a cyber security breach or attack, and 25% of those experienced one at least every month. Yet, British businesses still do not know how to combat these crimes, or even report them, according to a recent report from Barclays and the Institute of Directors.  

A high-profile data breach can have a long-lasting impact, and its repercussions often reverberate throughout an organisation. When data is compromised, there are significant costs for a business. Reputational damage being the biggest. A YouGov poll last year revealed that almost eight out of ten people would rethink giving their custom to a company whose security had been breached by hackers.

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