Tackling the data dilemma - top tips for businesses

25 April 2017

Steve McnicholasSteve McNicholas, Managing Director, Credit and Marketing Data, Callcredit Information Group

There’s no doubt about it; data analysis is the lifeblood of modern marketing for organisations. Yet harnessing this information is no small feat - the amount of data at businesses’ fingertips today is colossal (and growing!). In fact, 90% of all data in the world today has been created in the last two years. Add to this the challenge of organising it, understanding it, and then translating it into valuable insights that can be used to drive business growth - it’s easy to see why many companies find the concept daunting.

Against this backdrop, we surveyed over 150 senior marketing professionals across the UK to gauge their attitude towards how data is being used within their organisation. Based on these insights, we’ve devised the following advice for businesses that are looking to tackle the ‘data dilemma’ in the coming months.

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