Full “Robo Advice” or simply embracing technology?

21 February 2017

By Neil Robinson, Callcredit Business Development Manager (and MogoBankconnect expert)

It’s been widely reported thatNeil Robinson mortgage brokers need to embrace technology to streamline their processes and provide a better journey for their clients. “Robo Advice” is topical, and something that worries brokers, but replacing the traditional advice process with something entirely electronic is not the only way in which modern solutions can improve efficiency.

As more people now use their smartphone to manage their finances, it’s important that brokers adapt to this changing trend, or they risk being left behind. There’s no doubt that those seeking a mortgage are hungry to use technology, but this doesn’t mean they want to shelve their broker, and have their biggest financial commitment hinge on the swipe of a screen.

The full article can be read in Mortgage Strategy.