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How are consumers protecting themselves against online fraud?

23 February 2018

Whether you’re the millionth visitor on a website, the sole recipient of your long-lost aunt’s exorbitant inheritance, or you’ve simply been randomly selected for some sort of bumper prize, everyone has likely experienced an unbelievable offer on the internet that is simply too good to be true. However, online fraud has come a long way since the days of these desperate email scams, and is now a rapidly-growing organised criminal effort that poses a serious threat to internet users.

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Collections – improving the customer’s experience

Collections – improving the customer’s experience

29 January 2018

The impact of people defaulting on their loans resulting in bad debt can be significant for both institutions and consumers. To better understand consumers’ financial outlook and attitudes towards credit, debt and their relationship with lenders, we surveyed over 2,000 individuals based in the UK.

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Dispelling the myths about machine learning implementation in financial services

04 January 2018

Whether it is the retail industry’s ability to make recommendations based on a consumer’s online behaviour, or healthcare professionals using computer assisted diagnoses to determine diseases quicker than ever before, machine learning (ML) has become a game changer in a wide variety of sectors.

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The Public Sector should be much more excited about Open Banking

25 October 2017

With the onset of Open Banking and the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) fast approaching, most attention has been focused on how increasing the citizen’s control over their banking data will disrupt financial services...

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Rise of the machines in the fight against cybercrime

04 October 2017

It’s no secret that incidences of fraud are increasing, with the Government reporting that it is now one of the most prominent crimes in the UK. Our Fraud & Risk report found that in 2016, two-thirds (65%) of large organisations detected a cybersecurity breach. In addition, the biggest concern cited by UK businesses in our report was organised cybercrime (75%).

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