Painting the Full Picture | Consumer Data Infographic

The infographic below has been created to show how combinations of our consumer data can be used across the whole marketing spectrum to help you:

  • Acquire more customers
  • Manage existing customers
  • Enable multi-channel communication
  • Manage an accurate database
  • Understand disposable income and credit utilisation

Our data is used in substantial detail across vertical sectors including: Utilities, Credit Cards, Current Accounts, Savings, Insurance, Protection, Retail, Automotive, Telco and the Media. Many solutions are off-the-shelf, many are driven by our 30+ analytics and consulting team including on-site outsourcing, and many are generated by provision of our data to your own analytical team.

Click on the image below to open the full image and zoom in to see the detail. To request a PDF please click here.

Consumer Data Variable Map | Infographic

To find out more about Define or to request a data count please complete our business enquiry form or call 0113 388 4300 to discuss your data possibilities.

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