TransUnion is the new trading name of Callcredit in the UK. The usual high levels of service and products will continue as normal whilst we update the brand over the coming months.

The Health Lottery


The Health Lottery is a new draw-based lottery game where money raised goes to support local health good causes. Out of every £1 spent, 20p is donated to the People's Health Trust, an independent charity which works closely with 51 communities across the UK to assess the greatest health needs locally and identify opportunities for support.

Players can buy Health Lottery tickets either through 40,000 retail outlets or online. To set up an online account, players must have a valid bank account and address, and all players must be over 16. The Health Lottery is regulated by the Gambling Commission.


  • The Health Lottery expected a large volume of new online players following launch, and required a robust age and identity verification solution that could deliver high-level pass rates for genuine players, while ensuring that Know Your Customer compliance was maintained.
  • In addition, The Health Lottery required a solution that could verify bank account details both for setting up Direct Debit player accounts and for validating the accounts of winning ticket holders, to ensure payouts were issued to the correct person.
  • As The Health Lottery were expecting high hit rates, particularly just before the weekend draw, it was essential that regular reporting was available to demonstrate the performance statistics achieved by the software.    

The Solution

Callcredit consulted with The Health Lottery and identified CallValidate as offering the ideal solution to meet their objectives.

CallValidate is a powerful identity verification software solution, which verifies both age and identity using extensive public and financial data sources in real time. Uniquely, it also offers the ability to verify payment details such as bank or debit card details, by linking the card to the applicant.


  • A high percentage of new registrations, thanks to CallValidate's comprehensive and wide-ranging datasets, leading to improved player acquisition.
  • The ability to rapidly carry out searches against new and existing players, with an instant pass or fail decision
  • Real-time debit card and bank verification checks, saving time on lengthy manual procedures.
  • A dedicated client management support service covering project launch and beyond. 


"Callcredit provided The Health Lottery with a fast, easy to use solution for our age verification process. The solution was installed and over 80 call centre staff trained in the weeks before launch. It enables The Health Lottery to ensure that players registering online are processed efficiently, thus driving up online engagement.

"The Health Lottery has been delighted with the support provided by Callcredit and we are looking at other Callcredit products to determine how they could add value to our business."

IT & Operations Director, The Health Lottery