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Portsmouth City Council - ThreeSixty Council Tax View

Portsmouth CCBackground

Portsmouth City Council provides a full range of local government services including council tax billing, libraries, social services, processing planning applications, waste collection and disposal, and it is a local education authority.

The Council has approximately 31000 single person discount claimants and is committed to detecting discount fraud and regularly checks discounts claimed. By reducing fraudulent claims this helps the Council to keep council tax increases lower and spend the money saved on other front line services.


  • To identify cases of fraudulent claims of single person discount (SPD) (a 25% discount on their annual council tax bill)


Portsmouth City Council provided Callcredit with 19,065 individual records to process through its tracing and occupier lookup database, ThreeSixty Council Tax View, which determined the strength of residency for each individual and for all individuals in a household.

ThreeSixty Council Tax View provides the most complete view of the household currently available and can be used to detect fraud amongst existing claimants, monitor those claimants for change of circumstances and prevent fraudulent applications before they are claimed.


Callcredit produced an electronic case file for each of the households identified as high priority.  This amounted to;

  • 6342 cases for Portsmouth City Council’s local taxation team to investigate. 

Of these, Callcredit was able to break the cases down further by priority, ‘Red’ and ‘Amber’ cases.  

  • Red - 4,191
  • Amber - 2,151

This enabled the Council to focus efforts on fraudulent SPD claims and create an appropriate and better informed collections strategy.

The Council sent out letters to people whose residency check indicated multiple residents, and those receiving letters were asked to provide details of any adult occupant residing at their address.

As a result, 320 residents responded to the letters providing information on changes within their household.

  • 320 admitted to no longer being entitled to SPD and the accounts were amended. This resulted in an increase in revenue of £105,482.30.
  • SPD was cancelled for 240 cases and the individuals billed for the cancelled period. This resulted in a maximum extra council tax of £66,988.19 being raised.
  • Increase in council tax revenue of £172,470.49

“The quality of the data provided by Callcredit meant that we achieved our most successful annual single person discount review for a number of years.” Local Taxation Assistant Manager, Portsmouth City Council