TransUnion is the new trading name of Callcredit in the UK. The usual high levels of service and products will continue as normal whilst we update the brand over the coming months.

Peachy Loans - Seamless verification


Peachy is a trademark of Cash On Go Ltd based in London.  The company is a direct lender, currently offering short term loans up to £500, best described by the following three words - (Fast, Easy & Secure!)

What differentiates Peachy from other lenders is that they offer multiple repayment option to best suit their individual customer needs.

Callcredit has been working with Peachy since January 2012 in order to provide solutions to assess credit risk, detect and prevent fraud and validate consumers applying for a loan.  More recently Peachy has also added affordability solutions to facilitate responsible lending practices and to help meet with OFT regulations.


As Peachy is dedicated to responsible lending and loans are only offered to customers who can afford them they needed solutions that would;

  • help achieve low default rates
  • ensure they are accepting customers that can repay the loan
  • help to identify and prevent fraudulent activity
    ensure the borrower has the most appropriate payment methods
  • help Peachy to meet OFT regulations.

The Solution

Our unique affordability service allows for a seamless verification on an applicant's income, alongside the credit and verification checks.  Affordability Report allows Peachy to validate income and provide assurance the applicant can repay the loan and is not financially overstretched.

CallReport enables Peachy to assess an applicant's credit file, including previous payment patterns and debts over the past six years. It features our market-leading range of Short Term Lending data.

Callcredit's robust ID verification service, CallValidate, was chosen to enable fast and reliable identity confirmation, debit card verification and proof of bank account and card ownership


Using Callcredit as one set of data sources in their underwriting procedure has enabled Peachy Loans to:

  • considerably reduce default rate 
  • set up a real-time customer credit worthiness assessment system.

CEO, Peachy said:

"During the last year Cash On Go Ltd and Callcredit have been able to build a strong and constructive relationship.

"As we had already been using Callcredit's credit assessment and ID verification and fraud prevention solutions we knew that Callcredit had a range of innovative and dynamic products, so it was a simple choice to incorporate their Affordability Report into our new lending assessment process.

"It seems as if we are both working for the same goals together. The people of Callcredit are great to work with and a few have become good friends on the way."