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Browell Smith & Co Solicitors - Identity verification and AML regulation

Browell Smith & Co Solicitors


Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, with offices throughout the northern region, Browell Smith & Co Solicitors is a law firm providing personal injury and associated legal services. As a multi-disciplined practice with clients over a large geographical range Browell Smith & Co Solicitors was faced with ensuring it complied with the increased legislation in relation to money laundering and client identification checks.


  • To help protect Browell Smith & Co Solicitors from money laundering   
  • To have a robust solution to verify customer identities


Callcredit set Browell Smith & Co Solicitors up with CallML, an online anti-money laundering solution that is designed based on the enhanced customer due diligence requirements detailed in the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) guidelines. With the use of CallML Browell is able to protect itself from money laundering by verifying a customer’s identity in seconds. The solution can highlight potential fraud risks before the law firm takes on a new client.


  • Clients have embraced the solution and are happy for Browell Smith & Co Solicitors to utilise the product as it ensures they don’t have to take time out from a busy day to visit their offices or post or scan sensitive documents required for identification purposes.  
  • Less manual intervention is required due to the accuracy of the results, which in turn has reduced workloads. The time taken per fee earner to obtain and review identification reduced by approximately 30 minutes per case due to the reduction in client attendance, letters and consideration of documents.  The product has enabled Browell to satisfy legislative and procedural requirements quicker.
  • In the 3 years from 2013 to 2015 Browell had a 350% increase in the use of CallML compared to the previous 3 years as the fee earners became used to the functionality available to them and the amount of clients whose identification was verified increased by 356%.    
  • In addition integration with Browell’s case management system has simplified the processes involved and takes any anxiety away that a fee earner may have in falling foul of compliance.  
  • The solution also allows Browell to store documents electronically against the client and provide statistical data where necessary. Further satisfying anti-money laundering regulations.

“Being able to utilise the services offered by Callcredit was a real advantage to ensuring compliance without placing onerous obligations and responsibilities on either our clients or staff.

“The functionality, reliability and efficiency of Callcredit‘s product has helped us in terms of client satisfaction, fee earner time and compliance to ensue all parties are happy.” Litigation and ICT Manager, Browell Smith & Co Solicitors