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Betfred - player verification


Betfred is the world's biggest owner-operator bookmaker with over 1350 retail shops. It recently acquired The Tote for £265m and has been awarded an exclusive seven-year licence to operate pools betting on UK racecourses. Established in 1967 by Fred Done in Salford, Betfred has 44 years of experience in the UK betting market and launched its online betting operation,, in 2004.


  • Identity impersonation & payment fraud are significant concerns for the gaming industry.
  • Betfred Online required a software solution that could quickly verify identity and payment details for a new or existing player, through the presented credit or debit card.
  • In particular, Betfred Online were looking for an automated solution that would remove the need for lengthy, manual 'Code 10' merchant checks, which are carried out when a retailer suspects the transaction may be fraudulent, and make better use of the company's internal resources.
  • It was important that this solution was a proven and reliable method for card verification, and was also able to identify both pre-paid and non UK cards.

The Solution

Callcredit provided Betfred with its CallValidate solution. CallValidate combines traditional electronic verification of identity with the unique ability to verify card details and bank accounts that are owned by that same identity, through cross referencing of the card number, bank account and sort code with Callcredit's financial SHARE database. The check can be completed within three seconds.

In addition, Betfred took advantage of CallValidate's new Ownership Fraud Alert feature, which was developed to help detect payment and ID fraud, by linking the payment details back to the identity that owns the card.

Subsequently, CallValidate has assisted in the prevention of fraud and chargebacks and has made more effective use of fraud team resources.


  • Improved fraud prevention
  • Reduced need for chargebacks
  • Better staffing efficiencies, with less time spent on manual customer verification
  • Increased confidence in customer acceptance rates

"Callcredit have given Betfred the one missing ingredient from our KYC checking solutions - online credit/debit card verification. Once we merged this in to our existing checks, it gave us a fully balanced check on all our UK customers. Callcredit moved very fast to get us live with this product and were a joy to work with. Just like Betfred, they clearly see the importance of having secure checks for the safety of our customers."

Head of Fraud Prevention, Risk and Payments, Betfred