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What would a single view of your customer look like?

Business Efficiency

The public sector often feels beleaguered from a shortage of resources, financial pressures and funding uncertainty to benefit fraud and all compounded by multiple processes and systems to hold and manage information. These pressures create the need to control expenditure in parallel with experiencing growing demand for services whether it be in health, social care, education or welfare.

Managing all that customer information might appear a tremendous burden but actually there is the potential to turn it into a valuable asset by using it to create actionable intelligence.  The answer is simple – a single customer view. Increasing what you know about your customers could allow you to engage more effectively with them and bring real tangible benefits.

This is something the commercial world does well and organisations have long since gathered customer data through mechanisms such as loyalty cards and online shopping activity. All this information helps businesses to understand the connection between the customer profile and the products they buy, be it washing powder or home insurance. This knowledge of the customer provides the fuel that powers the sales and marketing engine of big business.

The challenge to do more with less is driving significant change but organisations in the public sector don’t need costly data analysts to access the business intelligence locked up in their data.  Wouldn’t you like to know what the single view of each of your customers looks like?

Connections module screen shot

(A screenshot from Coactiva’s new ThreeSixty Connections platform – Corporate Debt module. Click to enlarge)

To collect debt efficiently we have to understand our debtors and engage with them effectively and efficiently. There is tremendous scope and opportunity to reduce the cost of recovery across an organisation by consolidating the recovery function into one dedicated team instead of duplicating effort in different departments pursuing often the same people for different debts. The single customer view is key to the public sector maximising incomes and preventing fraud.

If you want to find out more about the opportunities a single customer view could provide your organisation I would be more than happy to discuss this further – or take a look at our infographic.

Author: James Rawlins

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