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Top Tips on building the bridge between marketing and compliance

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For future-ready marketers in a data-driven world, working in partnership with compliance is becoming part of the status quo. Yet with new regulatory compliance requirements looming, time is running out to get everything in place and ensure that marketing departments are fully equipped for a smooth transition into a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)-led world.

With the right approach, marketers can not only avoid future compliance issues including fines, loss in consumer trust and damage to brand reputation, but can actually use compliant marketing to their advantage. From greater insight into new products, to more informed customer interactions and improvements in internal processes, the benefits are clear and numerous.

Here are our top tips for marketers looking to master compliance in data-driven marketing:


Does it work? Time to review your current processes

Privacy By Design – by reviewing processes to include compliance as a key component of campaign creation and data management, marketers can mitigate against future risks, improve the customer experience and create a competitive edge. Working closely with your compliance team will make this much easier as they will be up-to-date on the latest relevant regulations.

Keep your suppliers in check! Ask them the right questions.

It is crucial for marketers to insist that their suppliers prove their data is compliant. It is your responsibility to ensure the data you use meets all the relevant regulations across the different channels. Again, work together with your compliance team to create a set of questions for your supplier that will ensure the integrity of the data you use.

Don’t forget – Customer is key; Act from a consumer’s point of view

The best way to approach compliance is to take off the ‘marketing hat’ and think like a consumer. When it comes to data collection, what would they find acceptable? If something seems like an invasion of privacy to a marketer, then it’ll most likely be unwelcome by consumers too.

For more practical steps on how to use your data to hit your objectives, download The Marketer’s Essential Guide to Using Data.






Author: Steve McNicholas, Managing Director of Marketing Solutions.

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