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shutterstock_198106589_editorial use only_commonwealth gamesI am just back from a week in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. It was an incredible experience. The atmosphere was friendly, patriotic and electric. We saw some great sport, personal bests, games records and even world records.

The number of medals won by the home nations exceeded all expectations. It was great to see medals being won by Welsh athletes representing some of the governing bodies that I worked with last year including athletics, cycling and gymnastics.

Some cynics have said that the medals at the Commonwealth Games are less valid as they are easier to win due to the lack of competition. But surely a win is a win and coming first and being top of those you compete against on the day is what counts. If you get a job and later find out you were the only candidate does that mean you didn’t deserve the job? If your company wins a tender with twice the score of your nearest rival does that make the win less valid?  In both cases the answer is no and the same applies to the Commonwealth Games’ medals.

Success in sport and business is all about identifying the outcome we want to achieve and then putting a plan in place to achieve it. If an athlete’s goal is to win a medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast they need to define all the steps that are required to make this happen.  A good coach, the right equipment, time to train, good nutrition are all essential ingredients. If a public sector organisation wants customer enquiries to be answered first time by April 2015 they would also need to define what needs to be done to achieve this.  Well trained approachable staff, clear signposting to information, the right IT systems etc. It also essential to define measures that will help understand if they are making progress toward their goal.

So good performance is all about context, clarity of outcome and good planning.

  • Context – is performance where it needs to be, are we better than our competitors?
  • Clarity of outcome – what do we want to achieve, by when and how can we measure our progress?
  • Good planning – setting out clear activities and milestones to achieve the outcome.

I’d be more than happy to discuss further if you would like to find out more about organisational outcomes.

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