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The 5 R’s to using BIG data in the retail sector

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Businesses have access to more information than ever before, a trend that shows no signs of slowing. This data has the potential to give businesses a competitive edge and to make a real difference to their overall performance. However, how … » Read more…

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What’s in store for multi-channel retailers?

A few months ago, I stopped using all of my loyalty cards but carried on visiting the stores to see what would happen.  The result?  No change – I still receive weekly and in some cases daily emails from a … » Read more…

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Getting to know your invisible customers

Probably the most often quoted principle after ‘retail is detail’ is ‘know your customer’.  Previous generations of customer insight have depended on in-store data capture and card based loyalty schemes.  But is this enough in the post digital era?  Most … » Read more…


Fairytale of New York or digital ghost town?

Black Friday is fast becoming a quaint tradition, hijacked by retailers in the USA as another gimmick to tactically squeeze a few more sales out of fleeting tablet toting high street visitors to the sound of The Pogues and Kirsty … » Read more…

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It’s an interesting time to be involved in retail

Successful retailers are embracing the multi-channel environment and offering their customers an increasingly seamless retail experience, whilst others fail and go to the wall. High streets are looking for new ways to stimulate footfall and establish their identity. Bigger isn’t … » Read more…

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