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Housing Benefit

Focus on Fraudonomics: keeping up with the ever evolving threat of fraud

Is your Fraud strategy keeping pace with the evolving threat of identity fraud? In a widely reported recent case of fraud, a group of council Benefits Assessors used fake identities to create a string of bogus housing benefit claims in a … » Read more…

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What’s the right FERIS strategy for your council?

Back in August I wrote about a possible renaissance for interventions in the wake of the latest fraud & error figures in Housing Benefit (HB). The monetary value of HB fraud & error is rising, and estimates for 2013/14 show … » Read more…

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What would a single view of your customer look like?

The public sector often feels beleaguered from a shortage of resources, financial pressures and funding uncertainty to benefit fraud and all compounded by multiple processes and systems to hold and manage information. These pressures create the need to control expenditure … » Read more…

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A renaissance for interventions?

According to recently released preliminary statistics from National Statistics the fraud & error rate in housing benefit has risen to its highest ever rate at 5.8% of total expenditure. The rise has prompted the DWP to refresh its Housing Benefit … » Read more…

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