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The GDPR – A Short and Useful Guide

Our super streamlined take on what the GDPR is about and what you need to be considering. If you’re unsure about the GDPR we’d recommend reading this before speaking to the relevant people in your organisation and then visiting the … » Read more…

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Combating the insider Fraudonomics threat: Blog 3/4 – Get ahead and stay ahead

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In the third of a series of short blogs looking at how to combat the threat of fraud from the inside, I will explore why in light of political and legislative changes, including Brexit, organisations should look to get ahead … » Read more…

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The opportunity for brands as the Me2B economy takes centre stage

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As we move into a new year, brands have an opportunity to place their customer relationships on a powerful new footing. The new digital age presents a window to get to know customers better than ever before. Every click is … » Read more…

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Are you an ostrich or a meerkat when it comes to data breaches?

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When it comes to dealing with cyber security threats, the differing response of individual businesses often reflects that of different species when threatened by predators in nature. For instance, the response of an ostrich to a predator will be markedly … » Read more…

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