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Five practical tips to streamline your email operations – part 1

“I wish we’d spotted this email sooner. If we’d responded to the customer on time and more appropriately, the issue wouldn’t have been escalated and we wouldn’t have this problem!” This is a common scenario which, in this day and … » Read more…

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Is your marketing relevant or intrusive?

Marketing and advertising domains have undergone successive revolutions over the last few years as they increasingly draw on consumer co-generated data – digital exhaust, the lifeblood of the digital economy – to make offers more relevant.  But when does relevance … » Read more…

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Time to look again at the role of email marketing?

Most adults who are online in the UK (and that’s 85% according to ONS have access to at least one personal email account.  In fact, YouGov found that the average number of email accounts held is four.  The first email … » Read more…

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Audiences, advertising and analytics

In my previous post I mentioned Google’s Adwords enhancements including cross device tracking of users to reach users across a number of digital touchpoints.   Latitude’s latest Mobile Report has some great tips on making the best of these changes that … » Read more…

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