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Balancing Risk and Growth: challenge or opportunity?

The debt to income ratio is at its highest level since the last financial crash – representing a correspondingly high risk to lenders. At the same time, there are numerous other signposts to suggest the direction risk is taking. For … » Read more…

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Getting it right in the changing landscape of affordability

Getting your credit risk strategy right when the goalposts are constantly shifting is a major headache. Levels of unsecured debt in the UK are the highest since 2008, standing at £200.8 billion in June. This represents an average household debt … » Read more…

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Best practice in working with vulnerable customers: Blog 4/4: A recipe for success

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In the fourth of a series of short blogs, we take a look at the key ingredients needed to improve the way you work with vulnerable customers, from identification, verification, and support. Focus on how vulnerable customers are handled This … » Read more…

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