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Can’t pay or won’t pay? The customer’s view

The Bank of England warned in September that a sharp rise in interest rates and unemployment could cause UK banks to lose £30bn on credit card, personal loan and car finance lending. However credit and debt are not just about … » Read more…

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How are you dealing with persistent Council Tax arrears?

  A recent government report shows that the amount of unpaid Council Tax is growing and has been widely reported in the press. In England in the collection year 2016/17, £26,039bn was collected which represents 97.2% of the £26,797bn net … » Read more…

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Using tech to boost the personal touch

As another part of our Real World Thinking initiative, we offer some tried and tested ways of using smarter working practice and technology to improve the customer experience. According to Forrester, 72% of businesses across the board say that improving … » Read more…

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Time for ‘prudence’ to make a come-back?

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As part of our Real World Thinking initiative, we look at how fears of another unsecured personal debt bubble are forcing organisations to focus on the income & expenditure processes they already have in place for customers struggling with their … » Read more…

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Applying Real World Thinking to the FCA’s review on persistent debt

In April the Financial Conduct Authority released its report on persistent debt in the UK. One of the most shocking findings was that persistent debt is a problem that’s affecting 3.3 million people. That’s about three times the population of … » Read more…

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