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Tackling the data dilemma – top tips for businesses: Blog 5/5 – Finally, stay ahead of the competition

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This is the last of a series of blogs aimed at helping you better use data to hit your objectives and improve ROI. There is so much that can be done with good data if organisations are savvy enough to wield it as a powerful tool in their armoury. It can be a huge asset – the challenge lies in sifting out the information that will be the most useful, and then using it intelligently to generate higher quality services and products for customers.

If businesses can get the combination of insight and creativity right, then they will give themselves a fantastic opportunity to get ahead of the curve and beat competitors with something fresh. Implementing the aforementioned tips and those that are outlined in The Marketer’s Guide to Using Data will enable businesses to address their data demands for 2017, and beyond.

Things to remember

As marketers we should always have insight on hand to help;

For further insights download for free The Marketer’s Guide to Using Data for some quick wins on how to stay ahead of the game in data-driven marketing.

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Author: Steve McNicholas, Managing Director, Credit and Marketing Data

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