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shutterstock_254831401Recruitment is all about relationships. As a recruiter, running a successful desk depends very much on the strength of your relationships with both candidates and clients. A strong client relationship makes it much more likely that they’ll call you first when a vacancy arises and they need someone they can trust to fill it.

These days many recruitment agencies use social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, to aid the recruitment of new candidates as they provide a host of resourcing tools as well as a greater access to a large network of potential candidates.

In this digital age, many recruiters are turning to online verification when checking a candidate’s identity. It is important that you help your client recruit the right person for their business in a timely manner. Spending a lot of time interviewing new applicants only to then see that time wasted, can be very frustrating. By having an in-house employee vetting solution you can add value and efficiency to your service by reducing the candidate list on your client’s behalf.

Online employee vetting tools can provide a fully comprehensive range of candidate screening checks which help you quickly pass your client’s pre-qualified applicants whilst also helping you to instantly meet regulatory compliance and ensure effective due diligence.

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Author: Jenna Douglas

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