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Solving the data dilemma – see how you fare and take the quiz

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Many marketers face on ongoing dilemma: they understand the benefits that data-driven activity brings, but with so much data available, they don’t know where to begin. Sound familiar? Play our Data Dilemma quiz (below) to see how you are faring with the data dilemma.

Data and analytics are integral to modern marketing and hold the key to achieving critical business objectives. Yet, while senior decision makers are fully aware of how important insight is, many believe they have only begun to scratch the surface of the benefits that data can bring.

We spoke to 151 key marketing decision-makers and the results were clear: 70% of marketers believe that data is a valuable asset that is not being fully utilised in their organisation.

Fail to utilise data and the consequences are clear: four out of five marketers (80%) say they need to make significant inroads with data analytics within the next two years or the business will suffer financially.

Our new research outlines how UK marketers are currently approaching data and analytics, examining the challenges they face, what’s stopping them changing and how they are looking to improve the effectiveness of data in the future.

See how you compare to other marketers by playing our quiz. You can also find out more insights and tips to maximise your data by downloading our free The Data Dilemma report.









Research Methodology

The Data Dilemma research was commissioned by Callcredit Information Group and conducted in August 2016 by Loudhouse Research, an independent research consultancy headquartered in the UK. 151 marketing professionals with responsibility for decisions around customer insight and the analysis of B2C marketing data completed a survey to reveal their attitudes towards data. All respondents were from UK-based organisations across a multitude of sectors.


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