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Online advertising – who’s in control?

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If you’ve ever seen irrelevant display advertising and wondered why it happens then read on…

Upcoming EU data portability regulations give consumers rights to see the data held on them and move it between platforms.  Whilst some of this data relates to actual actions and behaviours other data is inferred.  These inferences can be used for a number of purposes including the selection of audiences for specific display adverts.  But how good is this data?

It’s now possible to see what data platforms are holding in relation to your device so I took a quick look to see how accurate the data is.

Some was ok, for example “food & drink – restaurants – pizzerias” and “finance – insurance”.  Fine – I had been doing work for clients in these areas recently so could see how these could have been deduced.  However, as I looked further, there were many other categories which did not ring bells, for example “entertainment – music – rap” and “sports – tennis”.  Indeed, one colleague found that a major platform had deduced the incorrect gender.

For individuals, these inaccuracies could cause embarrassment or concern.  The good news however, is that it is possible for consumers to opt out of online advertising from over 80 providers.   Interested to see what is held on you by these global platforms?  Drop me an email by clicking here and I’ll send you some links that may help.

For marketers, the impact could be poorly targeted campaigns and ultimately poor ROI.  As a result, the market for better targeting data is quickly growing and Callcredit has responded to this demand by using its proven ‘real world’ data to drive multi channel targeted advertising for clients. web design history .

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