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Marketing in 2013-here are four predictions

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Ok, so the continued rise of mobile and the social media debate are odds on for the next 12 months. But what else will be important marketing wise?  Looking through the blogs, analyst sites and editorial, I’ve picked four upcoming trends; it’s a mix of old rehashed and new ones.  But what have I missed?  What other new and emerging marketing trends do you think we will see?  Join in and add your thoughts below…

  1. Paid media:  better display targeting.  We’ve all been stalked at one time or another by that ad that keeps cropping up just because you browsed a product and did not buy it – maybe a pair of shoes or a new phone.  2013 will see more display advertising based on audience characteristics (such as income, declared interests or even credit risk) rather than just, say, session browsing behaviours.  The rise of data aggregation and real time bidding enabled advertising will mean marketers will be able to target digital adverts as effectively as offline marketing.  Implication – less budget wasted and fewer resources committed to converting poor leads.
  2. Owned media:  luring consumers back to first party domains.  The need for social networks to deliver more aggressive commercial models means has seen a tuning up of the algorithms that control which posts end up in fans’ news feeds, such as Edgerank.  Some brands are claiming that the result of this is a loss of up 50% of reach and they are having now to pay for more campaigns to regain some of that reach. In 2013 we may see a greater return to old school techniques such as email as an effective way of engaging consumers.
  3. Multi channel and multi platform supporting known customer journeys.  Brands will give more consideration to the paths that customers take as they research and purchase – the decline of first or last click attribution.  This will lead to deeper contact strategies being created cutting across channels and platforms to mimic common customer journeys.  This may even include the occasional non digital channels for the 8 million or so people not online.
  4. Contradictory attitudes towards Privacy.  Consumers should gain more access to their personal data in 2013 – Data Myning.  This represents a reversal in flow of value from businesses to consumers for example by expecting brands to use it to help customers.  On the other hand consumer concern about brand mining of data.  Marketers will need to work harder in 2013 to more clearly state the value proposition associated with sharing data to defuse any concerns.


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