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Let’s get geeky about online usage patterns

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According to Ofcom’s latest communications report 24% of households in the UK own a tablet device (up from 11%  a year ago) and over half of all adults now own a smartphone.  Not surprisingly, more than half of all digital advertising growth in 2012 has accounted for by mobile advertising and 30% of webpage traffic came from mobile devices.  Consumer multi tasking has also soared:

  • Media meshing – a term made popular by Yahoo in 2005 to describe the process of using one media to enhance the experience of another – about a quarter of UK adults claim to do this on a weekly basis, eg – using social networks to discuss TV programmes.  It is particularly popular with females and 16-34 year olds.
  • Media stacking – using two or more forms of media simultaneously, usually watching the TV whilst browsing the internet – about half UK adults claim to do this on a weekly basis, especially those from younger more affluent groups.

This may be good news for bringing families back together in the living room but what does it mean for brands?  A fair chunk of advertisers don’t use any kind of mobile presence and others are still pursuing channel siloed strategies.  Having a mobile strategy now is like having a laptop strategy back in the day – it undervalues the critical role of mobile.

It’s time to develop a more precise view on how customers act online so that an appropriate range of customer engagement strategies can be designed and enacted.  There is of course no one right answer – there are huge variations across demographic groups.  Groupings or segmentations (whether they be off the shelf or custom built for your audiences and brand) should also take into account similar online behavioural characteristics and be treated accordingly.

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