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Last order date – Christmas is around the corner

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As we’re planning to celebrate Christmas Day at our own house, this year we’ve had to consider when the last order date is to pick up the Yuletide food on Christmas Eve.

5pm on the 15th December is the answer.

This made me think back to the old days of data delivery when I entered into the industry around 12 years ago.  If a client signed off a quote then it required the count (that would have already been run) to be sent along with full job instructions for output to the Production department.  A count is the total number of records that match the client’s requirement (e.g. age, occupation, income, geography, volume etc.). One day, two days and often three days would pass before the data was output and ready to send to the client – and this was for simple counts!

That was even the case more recently. However since the acquisition of the Trading Floor in January 2011, Callcredit’s output of consumer data records has become agile and best of breed.  A data request sent to Production on a bad day can now take five working hours: minutes on an average day. The last order date now for data to be delivered before Christmas Day is 12.00 pm on Christmas Eve.

Once the big day has been and gone, during the period between Christmas and New Year we, the Rayne family, will be actively researching family campsites both home and abroad with the aim of booking early January.

We acquired a small tent in the sales earlier this year and had a whale of time camping for two days in North Yorkshire. The result was that we bought a bigger tent and equipment and are looking forward to pitching in England in the Easter holidays and France in the Summer holidays.

It’s during the New Year, together with most of January when the travel industry spends heavily on customer recruitment, as families such as mine look ahead to the New Year and plan their next adventures.

With this in mind, if any travel company is  planning a mail shot to their customers, it isn’t the last order date for the data to be outputted that needs to be considered, instead it is if the data has been  cleansed to ensure at the very least that ‘gone aways’ and deceased are not mailed.

My next challenge is now to work out what to order for the 5pm on the 15th of December deadline.

Check out our latest infographic on the importance of data cleaning

Author: Jason Rayne

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