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Getting to know your invisible customers

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shutterstock_8457847shopProbably the most often quoted principle after ‘retail is detail’ is ‘know your customer’.  Previous generations of customer insight have depended on in-store data capture and card based loyalty schemes.  But is this enough in the post digital era?  Most certainly not.  Yet, some retailers are still in the dark ages when it comes to online.

Everything you do should revolve around the customer but what if you can’t see your customer?  How can you more meaningfully engage with non-logged in browsers or with those who have affiliated themselves with your brand via a ‘third party’ social network action such as a Facebook like or Twitter follow?  Are you happy leaving these people on ‘rented digital estate’ or would you rather hold them closer?  What details should you focus on to improve your understanding of these social customers?

Here are two things worth looking at:

Audience profiling using demographic data.  Knowing a little more about the real people behind the otherwise anonymous browsers allows you to present more relevant products and offers to them, increasing conversions.  It also allows you to be selective about which non-purchasing visitors to include in a retargeting programme.  Easy?  Yes.  We can quickly setup an audience dashboard for your ecommerce site to let you see and act on the demographics of your web visitors in real time.

Linking social data to your data.  This is about asking social followers for permission to connect directly with them and share key data items such as email address, age, gender, number of connections, etc.  This allows you to see how much high influencers are spending with you and it also allows you to serve more personalised offers and adverts which are tailored to individuals based on the social data they have shared.  In a previous blog, I asked ‘Who owns the audience’ and the answer is – you do, so claim them back.

If you’re visiting Retail Week Live (12 -13 March) this week, drop by our stand to find out more about our audience dashboard and social data linking.  We know hundreds of things about over 45 million people in the UK and you can now use these to help get to know your customers online.

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Author: Paul Kennedy

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