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It’s an interesting time to be involved in retail

Market Analysis & Network Planning

Leeds TrinitySuccessful retailers are embracing the multi-channel environment and offering their customers an increasingly seamless retail experience, whilst others fail and go to the wall. High streets are looking for new ways to stimulate footfall and establish their identity.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better anymore for the supermarkets. Convenience is king, with convenience stores, coffee shops, sandwich shops, betting shops and “collection points” continuing to spring up across the UK. Increasing numbers of retailers and brands are also turning to international markets to help fuel their growth. My home city, Leeds, has seen the opening of the impressive Trinity, further cementing its regional dominance, unfortunately I suspect that this may have a detrimental impact on and putting more downward pressure on the surrounding towns and cities of Yorkshire.

It’s now more important than ever for retailers to have access to good market and consumer data, insightful retail analysis and robust planning tools. Callcredit Information Group’s GMAP team has 25 years retail location planning experience working with retailers across many retail sectors and international markets. Our RetailVision classification system, remains the most comprehensive in the UK, and forms the backbone of much of our work with retailers, brands and property companies. Our UK system is now supplemented by increasing numbers of similar classifications in international markets, including most recently China where we have opened an office, enabling us to offer the same level of insight into the retail landscape in overseas markets, something we are very excited about.

The 2013 RetailVision Report is now available for free download here

Author: Chris Duley

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