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Is different better?


Coactiva logo 50 highI have been leading the Callcredit Public sector team since its inception in early 2011. During that time, whilst providing business case led solutions to issues our customers needed help with, I was also tasked with identifying suitable organisations that could add capability and expertise to our growing business.

So during a very hectic Autumn/Winter 2013 we looked at a number of organisations. In 2014 we were able to announce that we had acquired analytical software solutions and consultancy provider, Coactiva.

That’s all very well I hear you say but what does it mean for our customers and prospects?

Well it is boils down to 3 things, as most things do…. and we are now very different from anything else in the market place.  We are no longer just a data provider, by combining our extensive Public sector experience with technology leadership, we now have the unique knowledge and insight to help our clients make better, more responsible decisions – and make a real difference to public services.

  1. We are a business that is staffed by people who have worked for and in both local and central government departments – we really do know what you are going through in these very challenging times!
  2. The combined business provides true innovation and value and has a much sharper focus on helping the Public sector with its challenges.
  3. Coactiva’s cloud-based performance management software and risk based tools add expertise, depth and a further dimension to the range of solutions we are able to offer new and existing clients.

The Public sector will always be an industry that is evolving and subject to significant change and as a result we and our clients need to be one step ahead of the game and be prepared for all scenarios that may arise. The acquisition will provide our clients with the smart technology Coactiva holds which will enhance our capabilities further and fundamentally will make generating cash for local & central government even more effective.

Exciting times for us and those that we work with. And we are not just stopping there.   We understand the need to continuously look at ways to develop our offering and provide the Public sector with the solutions it needs to tackle and prevent a whole range of revenue, fraud, error and performance management issues, ultimately making public service delivery as efficient as possible.

So is different any better? – try us and find out – we would love to hear from you….

Author: Andrew Davis

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