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Connected-InfoGraphicThe concept of apps revolutionised our digital lives. Both Apple’s App store and Google’s equivalent, Google Play, now have more than one million apps apiece. And according to data made available at the end of 2013, both tech giants have seen over 50 billion apps downloaded from their respective stores.

Last year, the top free iPhone apps downloaded from Apple’s App Store were dominated by games and social media, though the corresponding list for iPad is different. Users took advantage of the larger screen size and downloaded catch-up and video apps such as iPlayer and YouTube, along with Skype and the ever-present Candy Crush Saga. We like our social media and games to be truly mobile, but prefer a larger screen to connect to catch-up services.

The concept of using this “second-screen”, on a phone or a tablet, while watching TV has become increasingly popular. Specialist apps allow users to become more involved in the programme being watched via additional content and consolidate real-time social network feeds to connect viewers and generate conversation. Not only has Twitter’s hashtag become a part of our language it is also an integral part of what we watch on TV, with viewers being urged to comment on what they have just seen and generate more user content as the closing credits roll. Twitter lights up during big TV events, such as the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, creating an involved and communal experience, a virtual water-cooler.

And regardless of where we are, whenever we connect we generate a digital footprint, both across the web and in physical space. Geo-location in our portable devices means we are never lost (when was the last time you bought an “A to Z”?). Services like Google now use these geo-data to learn your daily routine and can provide real-time travel information on your commute or to suggest the nearest restaurant. Of course, none of these services is truly “free” – the cost is the surrender of personal data. The user must decide if this is a fair price to pay.

So what for the year ahead? Technologists are predicting that 2014 will see a number of trends where apps and gadgets will further be embedded in our day-to-day lives. Wearable tech is top of the list – will high profile products such as Google Glasses that provide augmented reality and in-vision searches take off, or smart watches that can connect to other devices and monitor fitness and handle calls? Nest, who develop web-connected home products, were acquired by Google at the start of the year, perhaps indicating that smart-homes are just over the horizon (I can already set my Sky+ box to record programmes from an app on my phone!).

As this technology becomes increasingly interwoven into the fabric of our lives, how do marketers keep pace with the changing modern consumer? Connected is Callcredit’s segmentation system that describes individuals’ digital lifestyles – how do we connect to each other, what do we connect with..? Using hundreds of tech variables collected by YouGov, the most quoted research company in the UK, we classify 47 million individuals into 23 Connected categories to help users understand their customers’ digital behaviour. Rebuilt annually and continually updated, Connected tracks the constantly changing technological landscape. If you want to keep up, get #Connected.

Author: Andy Peloe

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