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Finally… I’ve improved my credit rating!

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For the past few years my credit rating appears to have meandered along with no direction; with a busy lifestyle I was under the illusion that checking my credit report would be a long and arduous process, a process that probably didn’t generate much excitement from within my soul.

I actually found the opposite! Recently after joining Callcredit, I took the plunge and signed up for my online credit report, the process of registering was painless, within a matter of minutes I was viewing my report and looking back at two years of financial history.

Obviously I lead a dull and secluded life because I found that viewing my report was exciting, to be able to see all the small pieces of information that made up the virtual me.  In a way I felt like a football manager, in front of me was my team – it was performing ok (a bit like Liverpool FC, always up there but never likely to win anything) but with a few minor alterations we could be champions!

I started to change my ways:

  • Checking my report on a regular basis
  • Reducing the balance on my credit cards
  • Making sure all payments were being made on time

Finally patience was the key, after making a few alterations I had to wait, waiting for my team to adapt to the new tactics that I’d implemented, then one day….there it was, the holy grail, the champions league, I’d been promoted, my credit score had improved!

If you’ve not registered for your online credit report yet, do it!   We have so many tools that we use on a day-to-day basis, we check our bank balance, we check on the weather and we even check out each other via social networks, this is simply another tool that the credit savvy should use.

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