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Crowded house – don’t dream it’s over

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In a recent release from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), it was reported that households with 6 or more people rose 25% between 2001 and 2011 – a segment that now includes over three million people living in ‘crowded houses’.  The Guardian ascribe this in part to the rise of the ‘Sandwich Generation’ – i.e., three generations living in one household due to a range of pressures including people living longer, having children later, the need for affordable childcare and shortage of suitable housing and young adults staying in the parental home for longer.

This is one example of social change that’s been picked up in Callcredit’s recently updated consumer classification – CAMEO UK.  Take a look at CAMEO Category 9A (registration required) – Crowded Houses.  These households are particularly over represented in areas of Birmingham and Bradford and over 40% have a length of residency of more than 11 years.ONS Stats The ONS also reports that 18% of all occupied houses in England and Wales were privately rented in 2011, increased from 12% in 2001 – the largest increase in all tenure types.

These are just a couple of the major social changes that are underway across the UK.  Marketers who pick up on these will be able to gain better insight into target audiences, better size market opportunities and therefore get better results from their marketing programmes than their peers who are still working to old assumptions and models.

As  New Zealand-Australian rock band Crowded House said in their 1986 released song “Don’t dream it’s over”, these trends are not a one off – they’re a sign of yet bigger changes to come.

Author: Paul Kennedy

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