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In my previous post I mentioned Google’s Adwords enhancements including cross device tracking of users to reach users across a number of digital touchpoints.   Latitude’s latest Mobile Report has some great tips on making the best of these changes that are due to come into effect in June 2013.

What else has been happening in recent months?  We see the increasing use of Facebook custom audiences enabling brands to advertise to known customers using their email address to drive a Facebook Ad.  In the US, we’re also seeing new ways of serving ads based on offline shopping.   The result on consumers?  Exposure to an ever expanding array of advertising content every second of every day.  Customers used to be asked ‘where did you hear about the offer’ and one ‘media code’ was captured.  I think a lot of us would struggle to answer this nowadays.

Yet, the [automated] attribution of goal success across the full range of marketing channels is not always that sophisticated, resulting in the wrong cell, channel or partner getting credited with the click, conversion or sale.  All too often we see marketing activities being measured as if they work separate from each other – as Harvard Business Review calls it ‘swim-lane measurement’.

Now that we can target display advertising to defined groups of people in conjunction with email or mobile messaging (check out our recent Addressable Advertising paper), it is vital to measure the uplift such channels provided over and above other simultaneous channels.

Luckily for marketers, a vast array of ‘exhaust data’ from digital interactions can be sourced, stored and analysed to work out the best interventions on the fly.  This ‘exhaust’ is a real asset.  HBR has found that by using data driven insights it is possible to improve marketing performance by 30% or more from existing budgets.

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