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According to Google, there are at least 31,100,000 English language blogs, the word crops up about 12,240,000,000 times and is searched for about 5,000,000 times in the UK every month.  Add to that hundreds of millions of twitter, Tumblr and WordPress accounts.  Well, I’m about to increase that by 1.0.  So how on earth does anyone get a share of attention with all that going on?  Here’s my promise – I’ll get to the point.  The updates will focus on marketing – from the perspective of the marketer and the consumer.  They will include links to resources that you might find useful or interesting.  Why forethought? Because the posts will consider what’s next rather than just report history.

When creating this blog with the wonderful marketing team here we considered including an ‘online’ word in the name – digiteach as they say in Ireland or in Lithuania – skaitmeninis!  There, I’ve avoided saying it.  The thing is that I hear from many marketers of late is that they’re focusing on online only as “…that’s where all consumers make their decisions now…”.  Not so say the consumers.  Recent research by fast.MAP (see pdf report here) shows that marketers still overestimate the popularly of all things digital, social and mobile.  What about the 24% of adults in the UK who do not have access to the internet or those who are influenced not just by the internet? As Marc Michaels points out in a recent  IDM opinion piece profitable customers may be ignored in the rush for operational efficiency. However, let’s not understate the importance of digidol (Welsh) marketing:

  • According to research, more than 20% of us browse the internet whilst watching the TV
  • There are over 33 million Facebook accounts registered in the UK – #6 in the world and still growing.  Put another way, 53% of the UK population or 64% of the online population have an account here.
  • About £2.6 billion was spent on internet and mobile advertising in the first half of 2012, led by financial services and FMCG brands.  Last year UK online spend grew by over 14% — not bad for an economy struggling to show positive growth.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll consider the future of customer loyalty programmes, digital advertising, social skills and the role of data in this series.  I hope you will join in by posting your views and experiences. website loading speed test

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