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Joining the data dots: building a real picture of your collections customer

Today, collections teams have more data at their disposal than ever before. But this information is really only the beginning of the story – because, on its own, data isn’t very smart. Individual facts about a customer’s spending or debts … » Read more…

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Get a 360° view of your customers

At the end of 2017 we published our latest Marketing Data Report. In the report we interviewed 200 senior marketing decision makers. One of our objectives was to get their opinion on the types of data sources they were looking … » Read more…

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Five practical tips to streamline your email operations – part 5

Handling customer interactions can be a really tough job, whether you’re in the front or back office. It often requires the ability to switch between customer situations; properly understanding all recent events with the customer; navigating within multiple systems; all … » Read more…

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Five practical tips to streamline your email operations – part 4

Access to real-time and accurate operational management information is a challenge faced by many managers. In this day and age, it really shouldn’t be that difficult. Yet it’s not uncommon for managers to spend up to two or three hours a day … » Read more…

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Five practical tips to streamline your email operations – part 3

Performing two or more tasks in rapid succession. It almost doesn’t seem like multitasking at all, but our minds need time to change gears in order to work efficiently. According to research, multitasking can impact productivity by as much as 40%. … » Read more…

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