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Headquarted in the UK, Callcredit Information Group is growing internationally with over 1,300 employees across 7 countries.

In the Americas, our Callcredit Cosmos Platform improves customer journeys across all engagement channels with our Customer Experience Software, Decision Engine, and Fraud and ID Verification solutions. And our Recipero assets offer the most comprehensive device tracking data for the wireless ecosystem with our Checkmend and Assetwatch solutions.

To learn more about Callcredit Information Group in the UK, including our additional capabilities in Data and Analytics, Consumer Credit and Fraud and ID verification please visit 

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Introducing Callcredit Cosmos

Exceptional customer experiences delivered across every communication channel and at every customer touch point.

Callcredit Cosmos brings together our best in class Customer Experience Software (formerly numero), our robust Decision Engine (formerly Decision Metrics) our Fraud and ID Verification solutions. So when you are acquiring or on-boarding customers, managing customer inquiries, making credit decisions, or handling collections activities, Callcredit Cosmos delivers.

Introducing Recipero

Business intelligence driven by lifecycle tracking of mobile devices.

Through our acquisition of Recipero in 2016, we offer the most comprehensive device tracking data driven by our partnerships with mobile operators, national retailers, law enforcement organizations, insurance companies, and refurbishment providers. Our data is used for asset protection, fraud prevention, shrinkage reduction, customer retention, and insurance claims management.


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