Targeted Display Advertising

Targeted Display Advertising

Bringing offline and online consumer data together to drive smarter - more targeted display advertising

Until recently the ability to display online ads targeted to an individual was limited and some way behind what has been achieved in offline marketing programmes.

Callcredit, partnering with VisualDNA have created a revolutionary new digital advertising solution which combines the best of the latest ad serving technology with highly predictive consumer data to deliver display advertising which is more targeted than ever possible. This means you can target consumers whilst browsing with familiar, proven and powerful segmentation.

This solution delivers four main benefits:

  1. Precision targeting which is based on 'real world' customer attributes = lower cost per acquisition
  2. Multi-channel communications - the data is linked to real people so we can deliver content across a number of addressable media types at once, e.g. display and email
    = maximise engagement with the target audience
  3. Real time bidding - to increase impression level price transparency = less wastage
  4. Advanced measurement across the customer lifecycle = better type of customer recruited


In conjunction with existing channel activity, the same targeting criteria can now be applied to digital display and mobile advertising in real-time, to increase direct response and cross-channel uplift. Our pool of consumer data is the most comprehensive of its kind in the UK and is already being used by some of the largest consumer brands both for customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell campaigns. Our data is complemented with VisualDNA's attributes which combine quiz response data with behavioural and inferred data. This data augmentation process is known as data synching.

Callcredit's Offline consumer data

VisualDNA's Online user data   


Demographics and current status

Geo-demographic targeting (CAMEO)

Purchase intent and goals

Property types

Personality traits

Lifestyle and lifestage segments

Brand preferences

Affordability and risk (nGauge)

Audience targeting segments

Financial behaviours and preferences Interests
Trigger data for lead generation  

Combining online and offline data makes sure the right people see the right offers at the right time making every penny of your marketing budget work its socks off.

Callcredit's digital marketing agency - Latitude - also has a trading desk so can manage the entire campaign for you in one place.

Please get in touch to request more information on targeted display advertising and see how you can improve your campaign performance