Fraud Alerts and International Fraud Checks


Our fraud checks let you deploy the optimal prevention strategy for your business. As with the rest of the Fraud & Verification Suite, each check can be taken as a stand-alone measure, or combined with other checks to provide extra protection for your customers and your bottom line. Some examples of fraud prevention solutions include:

Ownership Fraud Alert
Pinpoint fraud and provide details of name and address of the true owner of a card or bank account if the applicant is not the owner

Real Time Fraud Alerts

Fraudsters act fast to extract as much money as possible from a customer's account before their activity is noticed. This real-time alert identifies suspicious repeat transactions, halting further transactions immediately, allowing you to contact the account holder with your concerns

Delivery Fraud
When posting confidential, sensitive or valuable mail, it is important to know which areas of the UK has the highest instances of delivery fraud. Our postcode level data lets you assess the potential risk of delivering to an address, allowing you to put additional security measures in place where necessary.


We enable our customers to operate internationally and manage overseas customers with reliable, real-time verification solutions

Our market-leading international solution provides unrivalled verification coverage across the world. Instantly validate identity from a range of data sources giving you the confidence to trade overseas.

Our comprehensive datasets cover 70% of countries globally and the depth of data and number of countries is increasing.

Delivered as a standalone web service or integrated API service, our international service allows you to securely and instantly validate a customer's identity from almost anywhere in the world including validation of passport information.

Request more information about our international fraud alert solutions below or complete our business enquiry form to specify your requirements.