Age Verification - protect your business from underage custom

Age Verification, part of Callcredit's suite of ID solutions, enables online retailers to instantly verify a name, address and date of birth by accessing a wide range of independent positive and negative data sources.

Online retailers have a regulatory requirement to protect children from accessing age restricted products and services. Failure to do so not only breaks the law, leading to sanctions, heavy fines and loss of trade, it can also result in significant reputational damage. It is vital to trade responsibly.

Callcredit provides a complete online solution for Age Verification by checking the age and identity of your customers swiftly and with confidence.

Why use Age Verification?

  • The selling of age restricted goods requires compliance with the law and regulations
  • Online retailers who illegally sell to children can expect fines, prosecution and reputational risk
  • A new mandatory licensing condition is expected to shortly require robust Age Verification for online and mail order sales of alcohol
  • Current consideration of the Online Purchasing of Goods and Services (Age Verification) Bill raises the prospect of similar requirements for other products and services

Key business applications

  • Gaming
  • Betting
  • Alcohol sales
  • Downloadable content
  • Fireworks
  • Knives
  • Tobacco
  • DVDs/Games
  • Solvents

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