Identity Verification Services & Customer ID Validation Checks

Depending on the needs of your business we can help you validate a customer's identity and carry out identity verification checks

Identity Validation Solutions

We validate identity by checking that the name and address exist within our unrivalled databases of quality, robust data sources. We enhance the confidence of the identity by adding valuable information such as the date the identity first appeared on our database, the number of times it has appeared and detailed information about the data source it has been matched against.

Identity Verification Services

Once you have confirmed the validity of an identity, our verification solutions can prove that the identity belongs to your customer.

We have a vast range of verification checks to help you prove a person owns an identity. Our solutions help you to deploy multi-channel and product strategies so that genuine customers aren't treated with suspicion. You have complete control of how strong a verification check you want to deploy, from simple DOB confirmation and confirming details from a previous address to validating passport details, linking card or bank account to name and address and deploying an identity exam (knowledge based authentication), all of which put you in complete control.

Third Dimension

As the way we do business becomes faster and more remote, it is essential to deliver services in a way that meets your customers' expectations without opening the door to fraudsters. CallValidate3D provides an unrivalled end to end identity validation and customer verification solution that keeps you in control. The solution provides an innovative way to verify the identity of your customers by controlled use of challenge and response questions.

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