Fraud Protection Checks & Customer Verification Services

Take control of fraud and compliance with Callcredit's Fraud & Verification Suite. Enabling you to optimise verification and fraud prevention strategies across the customer life cycle, Callcredit's Fraud & Verification Suite allows you to select and customise real-time data that is crucial to your business needs.

Instantly check the accuracy of your customer's identity and payment details, detect inconsistencies and protect yourself against fraud - all in one secure, reliable online environment.

The Fraud & Verification Suite covers 6 key areas:

Identity - check that a given identity is valid, and that it belongs to that customer

Comply - achieve compliance with our Anti Money Laundering service, Identity Verification service or our Age Verification service

Bank Account - confirm a bank account exists and that it matches the customer's name and address

Card - check card details are valid and linked to the customer's name and address

Fraud & International - defend against a wide range of fraud attacks with our innovative solutions. Validate customer identity and verify age globally

With unrivalled data quality and a market leading track record for innovation, Callcredit's solutions will help you make smarter, more responsible decisions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Our identity and payment verification solutions are instant, seamless and can be deployed behind any customer process to help you accept more customers faster whilst reducing the threat of fraud. The result is an improved customer experience which can lead to increases in sales and customer retention.

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