Strategy and planning

Rather than just giving you a list of digital marketing strategies and letting you work out what approach is best, our digital marketing planning experts put together complete solutions that help you achieve your marketing targets.

The team provide digital strategy support to clients across a number of areas including:

Insight generation

Drawing on a pool of over 20 billion social posts, 45 million UK consumers and a wealth of email, search and paid advertising behavioural data, our planners generate fresh insight on your customers and markets to underpin your digital strategy and communications plan.

Audience planning

Our planners have been defining audiences for the last decade and can now bring you access to new and emerging techniques including the ability to use offline data and models to drive online activity. With over 2 million synchronized cookies the same targeting criteria you use in offline marketing campaigns can now be applied to digital display and mobile advertising in real-time, to increase direct response and cross-channel uplift.

Campaign Planning

Of course it's not just about one channel or interaction in isolation - our experience is that the best returns across the customer lifecycle are achieved by combining a number of elements and stages in the prospect or customer journey. This is where our digital campaign planning really brings it all together.

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