Social Media Marketing

Social media is here to stay and is forming an increasingly important part of marketing programmes. Such initiatives work best when operated as an integral part of online and offline marketing interactions. 

Our social media marketing services have been created to help you reach new or existing customers in the socialsphere effectively and with confidence.

Social Profiling

Our social profiling service allows you to see how your target audience uses social media and mobile devices in their daily life which means you can plan social media marketing based on your customers' likelihood to engage. Our team of social engagement managers are also on hand to handle social interactions from consumers as well as moderating social communities.

Social Readiness Audit

Our Social Readiness Audit can give you a very quick health check on your current social presence and benchmark it against the sector as well as your immediate peers.

Social Insight Generation

Social insight is an important element of any marketing programme as it gives you insight into what consumers are saying about your brand and your competitors. We have access to over 20 billion social posts across over 1 billion social domains.  We mine this data to generate insights into your brand from the perspective of the consumer. 

Social Strategy Creation

Our planning specialists create social initiatives to drive positive conversations. We will ensure any such activity has clear business objectives and is linked to other marketing activity across the organisation.

Tailored Social Audiences

Increase your return on advertising spend by taking a data driven approach to social media advertising.

To find out more about social media marketing please contact us and one of our digital experts will be in touch

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