Digital Analytics

Experienced in web analytics, usability and conversion optimisation, we will make the most of your digital data to drive the improvements to your website that will increase conversion.

Web Analytics Auditing

Performed by our Conversion Analytics team, the audit process comprises a complete technical review of the site's web analytics implementation. By understanding your business goals and objectives, the audit aims to ensure that the current solution is capturing all onsite data - from essential KPIs to micro level actions and metrics - with the maximum possible degree of accuracy. We help to both bring the setup to best practice and get the very most out of the tool through customisation.

If the chosen platform is not providing the right level of data to aid your business decisions, Latitude can also offer consultancy for the selection and deployment of superior tracking solutions to deliver your site and marketing intelligence.

Site Performance Analysis

Combining deep-dive web analytics data and highly-visual usability tools we provide comprehensive appraisals of site performance beyond conversion volumes. Using a proprietary reporting suite, we determine:

  • How customers and potential customers engage with and navigate the site
  • Quick wins for immediate benefits to site performance OR for next year's site refresh
  • Complete, scalable testing strategies for website optimisation

Our analysis can offer unprecedented levels of insight into your site's strengths and weaknesses, defining how to not only improve conversion rates but also the overall user experience.

Conversion Rate Optimisation - 'The Conversion Project'

Our Conversion Project eliminates the guesswork from web design. By investigating weaknesses and current performance through research, new page designs, landing pages, checkout funnels or whole user journeys are created and put to the test in an optimisation experiment with the winner being installed on site.

Our Conversion Projects;

  • Provides long-term benefits to site performance
  • Determine optimum page designs empirically
  • Tests can be designed, built and launched within days via our robust testing platforms

A successful conversion project can offer long-term benefits to your site by improving the users' experience, customer loyalty and increasing conversion volumes to levels unachievable by campaign management alone.

To find out more about conversion optimisation please contact us and one of our digital experts will be in touch shortly.

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