Informed Decisioning based on a complete picture of your customer

How CallDecision Service Works

CallDecision is a new Decisioning Service that integrates a Decision Engine with the latest versions of CallReport, CallValidate and Affordability Report to give you a complete and up to date picture of your customer. It has a flexible structure that allows you to choose which services you require and which order you use them.

As your customer’s application is assessed, your defined business rules control the decisioning logic and flow of data. Based on the customers circumstances, the resulting accept, decline or refer decision is returned.

The service has been built to provide a great deal of flexibility, whilst retaining a quick setup process and turnaround time by structuring the service in a common way.

CallDecision utilises the power of the proven DecisionStrategy engine, allowing for an upgrade path to more sophisticated and bespoke independent decisioning solutions without having to start again from scratch.

Key Features:

  • Access to Gauge 2 and Gauge 2 for Markets scores
  • Option to integrate bespoke client or Callcredit developed scores
  • Access to CallReport, Affordability Report and CallValidate to provide a complete and up to date customer view
  • Ability to control which Callcredit services are called and in what order
  • Access a shared library of parameterised credit policy rules applicable to your vertical market sector
  • Managed service, 24x7 availability
  • Control and understand risk and exposure
  • Integrated champion/challenger framework for strategy refinement
  • Data extracts produced facilitating ongoing monitoring

Why CallDecision?

  • Off the shelf, scalable Decision Engine
  • Quick to implement and quick to change, allowing you to react to changes in your application profile
  • Fully integrated with the latest Callcredit products
  • Can grow and expand as your decisioning sophistication increases
  • Highly flexible, cost effective solution

To find out more please contact us and one of our experts will be in contact with you shortly.