Make informed credit decisions based on the complete picture of your customer

Informed, speedy decision making is central to successful customer acquisition, customer management and credit application processing. Developing a complete and accurate picture of your customer enables you to make intelligent and responsible decisions which benefit both you and your customer.

Our decisioning solutions have been designed to enable you to build up a definitive view of your customer which is tailored to your business requirements, enabling you to grow and expand your strategy as your automated decisioning requirements increase in both scale and complexity.

Having access to the right information at the right moment is of critical importance. We can help you navigate this process by providing the necessary data, software and analytics to implement the right decision making strategy for your business.


CallDecision is a new decisioning service that integrates a decision engine with the latest versions of CallReport, CallValidate and Affordability Report to give you a complete and up to date picture of your customer.

The flexible solution utilises the same technical infrastructure as the proven DecisionStrategy engine, allowing for an upgrade path to more sophisticated and bespoke independent decisioning solutions without having to start again from scratch.


This flexible platform has been built by DecisionMetrics, which is part of the Callcredit group. Not only does it underpin CallDecision but is also the backbone of DecisionMetrics’ unique approach to independent decisioning.

Independent decisioning provides sophisticated lenders the benefits of access to credit data from multiple credit bureaux.

Independent decisioning requires complete impartiality when it comes to consulting upon and recommending the optimum combination of data from two or more credit bureaux. DecisionMetrics has built independent decisioning solutions for a number of very high profile lenders over the last decade.

The impartiality and integrity of those solutions is delivered by dedicated staff operating independently from Callcredit client facing teams.

To find out more about DecisionMetrics visit their dedicated website here or contact us to see how we can help your business.

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