Trust the experts with your data cleansing and enhancement needs

In most organisations the marketing database has moved up the corporate agenda and now sits as an asset on the balance sheet with its value directly correlating to the revenue it helps generate. With such a high value placed upon it, it's vital that you invest in keeping it up to date and accurate.

Where resource is short our bureau service is ideal. Alternatively our online tools improvemydata and CAMEO Online provide the convenience and flexibility of a round-the-clock service. Whatever your choice, our range of services are comprehensive:

Data verification:

We can help you positively verify an individual's address and residency using:

  • PAF validation and enhancement
  • Residency validation and occupier update
  • SHARE verification
  • Gender/title confirmation and update

Data suppression:

Inline with best practice, we can help you suppress individuals whom we know have moved house, died or requested that they do not receive unsolicited communications. We can also help remove individuals who would not be granted credit should they apply.

  • Goneaway suppression and mover tracing
  • Mortality screening
  • Credit pre-screening and scoring
  • Mailing and telephone preference screening (MPS/TPS/Baby MPS)
  • Client suppressions

Adding value through enhancement:

We can bring your data to life by appending consumer characteristics at individual, household or postcode level to provide increased insight as an aid to campaign targeting.

  • CAMEO Classifications
  • Lifestyle variables from Core
  • Credit marketing scores
  • Multi-channel touch points e.g. landline and mobile numbers, email addresses
  • Bespoke model scores

In addition we can provide ancillary data processing services including deduplication and merge purge, mailsorting, keycoding and file segmentation.