Prospect & Customer Database Services - Marketing Database Solutions

database imageYour data holds a wealth of potential. We can help you realise it by creating a marketing database that will deliver real results - straight to the bottom line.

By combining our technological capabilities, marketing database knowledge and comprehensive range of consumer datasets we provide a service that's second to none. Our experience is unrivalled and we provide prospect and customer database solutions for some of the UK's largest organisations helping them to engage more closely with their customers.

In fact we currently deliver database services to support 85 databases -from simple warehousing to integrated marketing bases with billions of rows of data. We work with our clients to turn these prospect and customer databases into information then knowledge and actionable intelligence that our clients can deploy to identify, engage and convert more new customers whilst optimising existing customer profitability.

Our marketing database experts will help you bring together data sources from all areas of your business to create one, powerful and easy-to-use single view customer database. We'll help you gain maximum value from your data and empower you to drive and manage profitable campaigns in real time, across every channel. We'll help you optimise the customer journey by providing end-to-end solutions that enable you to delight your customers at every touch point.

Our database solutions are at the heart of our clients marketing activities and are often integrated across multiple channels, encapsulating on and offline customers in a single view. Many have a complex and high number of data feeds which we assemble with ease using technology to make the complex simple. Feeds may come from external and internal sources including customer transactions, interactions, service and operations as well as web sessions data - all housed in a single repository or linked to other data systems.

With systems that scale to your needs, we can help whether you need a one-off marketing database view; a single customer database view; or a fully functional data warehouse. We also provide a choice of front-end tools built to easily integrate many applications and enable your whole team to access, clean, enhance, analyse, select from and campaign your data whenever they choose. Increasingly we lead the market in harnessing and getting the most value from this essential and business critical asset.

Our team of data experts embrace the world's best technologies protected in best of class secure, conforming and governed environments. The most stringent of security processes ensure the data assets are protected at the highest levels.

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